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Invest in your property with expert crawl space encapsulation in Champaign. What is a crawl space encapsulation installation? Simply put, encapsulation covers surfaces with a thick, tough sheeting that repels water and protects against damage. The team here at Champaign Foundation Repair Experts is the one to trust for your crawl space insulation needs.

Before you go another day without needed crawl space repairs and encapsulation, contact our crew. Trapped moisture is the number one enemy of pier and beam foundations, damaging pipes, and wiring in the space. Additionally, pests like rodents and termites also cause thousands of dollars in damage. On the other hand, encapsulation protects against these risks and ensures a strong foundation under your structure.

For all these reasons and more, it’s vital that you invest in encapsulation for your home or commercial structure. We offer many options for crawl space protection including encapsulation, vapor barriers, and dehumidifier installations. Above all, we guarantee our work in writing! To get your property started on our expert services, contact us today.

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Does a Property Really Need Crawl Space Encapsulation?

There are many reasons why every property with a pier and beam foundation needs crawl space encapsulation, including:

  • Encapsulation sheeting repels water, keeping foundation materials dry. This reduces the risk of water damage and mold. As a result, you avoid otherwise unnecessary foundation repair costs.
  • Trapped moisture in a crawl space attracts pests looking for a water space. In turn, encapsulation can protect against damaging termites, carpenter ants, and rodents.
  • A structure’s framing and first floor spaces absorb moisture in the crawl space. Consequently, without encapsulation your property might suffer framing wood rot, mildew under carpeting, and dampness in interior rooms.
  • It’s often difficult and unpleasant to access a crawl space that hasn’t been encapsulated. However, a full encapsulation system for a crawl space keeps the area dry and clean. As a result, you can often use it for storage and access it much more readily.
  • In some cases, encapsulation increases property values. Protecting the foundation also means not losing value due to needed fixes!

These are just some of the benefits of insulation and encapsulation for your property’s crawl space. To find out more about foundation maintenance, check out our blog.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation vs. Vapor Barriers and Other Solutions

Are you curious about how crawl space encapsulation stacks up against vapor barriers and other waterproofing solutions? Hopefully, this information can help:

  • Contractors install vapor barriers along the ground only. This budget-friendly solution is typically cheaper but doesn’t offer the same protection as full-scale encapsulation.
  • Dehumidifiers capture airborne moisture so it can’t settle on crawl space materials. These are excellent for overly humid climates.
  • French drain systems and better irrigation direct moisture away from a crawl space. These solutions offer protection against moisture and water damage. However, their installation still leaves exposed dirt along the ground of the crawl space.

The right solution for your property depends on its condition and your budget. Also, contractors might suggest more than one solution. For instance, both encapsulation and a dehumidifier ensure maximum protection for your property’s foundation.

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Champaign Crawl Space Encapsulation | Why We’re #1

Champaign Foundation Repair Experts is your best choice for waterproofing, including crawl space encapsulation in Champaign. What makes us stand out from the competition? First, we have 20 years of foundation experience, ensuring expert repairs. Second, we offer a number of options for protecting your property’s crawl space.

Additionally, we never start any waterproofing or repair project without a full inspection. In turn, we can recommend the right solution for your home or commercial building. Also, when we offer you a price quote, the amount you see is the amount you’ll pay. We never add unexpected charges or hidden fees!

Moreover, we are fully licensed and insured, with a history of positive reviews from past clients. Consequently, you know you can trust us to get the job done right every time. To find out more about encapsulation and other options, give us a call. We’ll schedule your no-cost appointment and get your property started on expert foundation services!



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Ours is the name to trust for expert foundation repair and waterproofing services! Fully licensed and insured, we offer topnotch basement wall repair, leak repair, and underpinning services. Additionally, slab jacking is an excellent choice for sunken properties and severely cracked foundations.

Also, we can protect your property’s foundation with high-quality waterproofing options including encapsulation and sump pump installation. Above all, we guarantee our work for both materials and labor. Whatever it takes to ensure a solid foundation under your property, our team can get it done!

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