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Your home or business deserve nothing less than the most reliable, affordable foundation repairs and house leveling services.

If you’ve been putting off needed foundation leak repair in Champaign, now is the time to call! The longer you ignore cracks, chips, and spalling, the more extensive and costly your repairs. Your home or business can also suffer secondary damage, including wall and ceiling cracks, roof damage, and mold growth.

For the highest-rated and most dependable foundation fixes available, call the pros here at Champaign Foundation Repair Experts. We offer a full range of foundation repair, including patching, bowing basement wall bracing, crawl space encapsulation, full-scale house leveling.

Our team is also happy to provide you with several waterproofing solutions for your structure’s foundation, including vapor barriers, coatings, sump pumps, and French drain installations. To find out more or to get started with the foundation fixes you need to have done, give us a call right now!

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Our Extraordinary Services

Thorough Foundation Inspection for Champaign Properties

A thorough foundation inspection for a Champaign property helps spot damage right when it develops, allowing you to schedule timely repairs. The sooner you schedule needed foundation fixes, the less severe that damage and the more money you save over time!

Foundation inspections also alert property owners to added stress on a foundation, such as from an overly heavy structure or excess moisture in the soil. You can then invest in waterproofing or a French drain installation, or invest in underpinning before your structure settles and sinks.

To find out more about the benefits of regular foundation inspections, call our team of foundation professionals here at Champaign Foundation Repair Experts. We offer full foundation inspections for both residential and commercial properties, no matter its foundation type.

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Expert Foundation Crack Repair in Champaign

If you’ve been putting off commercial or residential foundation crack repair for a Champaign property, now is the time to call! Foundation cracks only tend to get larger and more pronounced the longer they’re ignored, so repairs get more expensive over time.

Foundation cracks also allow moisture into interior spaces, risking wood rot, mold and mildew, and even insect infestation. The foundation will also continue to weaken, increasing the risk of a structure settling and sinking. You might then be faced with roof and plumbing damage and lots of other costly fixes!

For expert foundation crack patching and other repairs, turn to the pros with 20 years of industry experience, Champaign Foundation Repair Experts. We make quick work of all the repairs you need to have done and stand behind our work with a full guarantee.

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Full-Scale House Leveling in Champaign

After a structure has settled, it’s time for house leveling in Champaign! House leveling, also called slab jacking or mud jacking, uses a specialty substance injected under a sunken or damaged foundation, while the home is literally lifted back into position.

Once the house is level and even again, that substance dries and hardens, keeping the foundation strong and providing added support. House leveling closes up interior and exterior gaps and cracks, for easier repairs and a structurally sound home.

Full-scale house leveling is not as expensive and invasive as property owners might think. To find out if it’s the right solution for your damaged home, call the experienced professionals at Champaign Foundation Repair Experts today.

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Call Today for Basement Foundation Repair in Champaign

Expert basement foundation repair in Champaign is needed for ensuring your structure’s basement stays strong and secure, and that your home is also supported properly. Bowing basement walls risk collapsing while cracks and gaps allow in moisture and damaging insects.

Basement leak repair in Champaign is not a job for amateurs or general contractors! Without the right equipment and high-quality materials, cracks and chips might return and your home or business can soon be infested with unpleasant mold and wood rot.

For expert basement foundation repair that lasts for years, call the experienced foundation repair contractors here at Champaign Foundation Repair Experts. We guarantee high-quality repairs and provide waterproofing and other services that protect basement surfaces from moisture and damage.

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Quick Concrete Foundation Repair for Champaign Homes & Businesses

Get the concrete foundation repair in Champaign that you have been pushing off done quickly by our highly-trained professionals. We've got the tools, equipment, and methods to perform the most efficient and effective fixes.

The team will accurately diagnose your foundation issues and come up with a plan for reliable repairs that last.

Are you ready to get your building more structurally sound? We have your solution. Call for a FREE quote.

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Superior Slab Foundation Repair for Champaign Residents

Have you noticed the need for a slab foundation repair in Champaign? It's not something that occurs often, so when it does, you need to handle the problem sooner rather than later. Our technicians show up fast with everything needed to efficiently complete the project.

We will start by evaluating the cracks, then we will give you our knowledgeable and trained opinion of the best course of action. Trust that we only give you the facts.

Start by requesting a free quote. It's easy with our convenient online form. We will get back to you right away!

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Our Service Areas

Champaign Foundation Repair Experts is the company to call for expert residential and commercial foundation repair in the Champaign service area and surrounding cities, including Mahomet, Rantoul, Savoy, St. Joseph, Urbana, and everywhere in between. Whether you need concrete foundation repair, basement wall repair, or full house leveling, ours is the crew to trust!

When you call us, you can rest assured that your property is in the best of hands, and that all your questions will be answered every step of the way. To find out more about your foundation repair and waterproofing options, give us a call right now!

Protect Your Investment With Durable, Affordable Foundation Repair in Champaign

Your home or business deserves nothing less than the highest-quality, most dependable foundation repairs available! Contact us today to find out more. Call us at (217) 216-1912
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