Invest in Your Property With Expert Foundation Repair in Urbana, IL

Your Home for Expert Foundation Repair in Urbana IL

Never leave needed foundation repair in Urbana IL to just anyone! For high-quality commercial and residential foundation repair that lasts, call us here at Champaign Foundation Repair. What makes us #1 in the foundation repair industry?

One reason we’re the best in the business is that we offer over 20 years of experience! Two, foundation repair and waterproofing are all we do. Three, we start every project no matter its scope with a full foundation inspection. Above all, we use only high-quality materials and the heavy-duty equipment needed to get the job done right.

With this in mind, why not call for all the commercial and home foundation repair you need to have done? We’ll schedule a FREE, no-obligation inspection and price quote. If you still have questions or are ready for our expert services, call our customer care reps today.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"We want to thank Champaign Foundation Repair Experts for a job well done. Our foundation repair contractor did exactly what we agreed upon, and the entire project was completed with such positivity! Highly recommend these professionals!"
- Jake Smith
Cracks indicating needed foundation repair in Urbana IL.

Don’t Put Off Needed Foundation Repair in Urbana!

Never avoid needed slab, pier and beam, or basement foundation repair for an Urbana, Illinois, property. The longer you ignore cracks, spalling, chips, and other issues, the more that damage spreads. In turn, you’ll end up paying more for repairs than if you called at the first sign of damage.

Also, keep in mind that a damaged foundation is a weak foundation! Consequently, your structure might soon sink and settle, risking cracks and other issues. On the other hand, timely pier and beam or concrete foundation repair keeps a structure level and even. You’ll then avoid otherwise unnecessary repair costs if you call our crew quickly.

So, why not contact us today to find out more about needed foundation repairs? We’re happy to answer your questions and get your property started on needed fixes. For your no-cost consultation, call today!


Call Us for All the Foundation Repair You Need to Have Done

Foundation Crack Repair

Don’t put off needed crack repair for your home or commercial structure! The sooner you schedule patching and leak repair, the less risk of costly damage. To find out more, give us a call today.


Severe foundation damage might require underpinning, or the insertion of pins alongside a structure. This process requires heavy-duty equipment and knowhow you’ll only get from us!

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking or foundation leveling lifts a structure to a level and even position, closing up cracks and gaps. For expert leveling that lasts, call the crew here at Champaign Foundation Repair Experts.
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What Makes Us the Best in the Foundation Repair Business


Whether you need concrete slab foundation repair, basement wall repair, or pier and beam replacement, we’re the pros to trust. With over 20 years of outstanding industry experience, we have the expertise needed to do it all.


Here at Champaign Foundation Repair Experts, we guarantee all our foundation repair and waterproofing work to last! Additionally, we put our warranty in writing for both parts and labor. For more information, call today.

Customer Service

Scheduling needed foundation repair in Urbana shouldn’t be an overwhelming process. In turn, we are happy to answer all your questions before any work begins. Our crew also treats every property as we would our own.
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Protect Your Investment With Durable, Affordable Foundation Repair in Champaign

Your home or business deserves nothing less than the highest-quality, most dependable foundation repairs available! Contact us today to find out more. Call us at (217) 216-1912
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